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Project Description

Using this web part you can display points and locations on a Google map and get directions to an from that point. You can either manually enter an individual point or select a list from your Sharepoint site that holds the information that is required - ie. a field for the Buidling Name, its Longitude and its Lattitude.


  • Pick your zoom level - comes with handy real world scales
  • Choose any map type
  • Enter your own Google Maps API Key
  • Create a List using an inbuilt feature that is already set up for optimal performance with the web part
  • Or Pick a list from your MOSS site using the Site Picker pop up window (That thing you see when you're using the Content Query Web Part)
  • Match fields from your list that have the
    • Longitude
    • Lattitude
    • Name of Site
    • URL of an image
  • Or select a default image using the Asset Selector pop up window (That thing you see when creating hyperlinks in your text or inserting pictures)
  • Centre the map on any of your sites
  • Get directions
    • From one of your sites to another site
    • From one of your sites to an address
    • From an address to one of your sites
  • And you don't have to use a list! You can enter information for a single point
    • Longitude
    • Lattitude
    • Name of Site
    • URL of an image


Displaying a point

Getting Directions

Options in the Tool Part


  • Google Maps API Key - a link is provided in the tool part to register if you need one
  • A list that holds your buildings name, longitude and lattitude (Although you can create one with the included feature)
  • This uses the Microsoft.Sharepoint.Publishing Namespace so the publishing feature will need to be enabled.

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