Google Maps doesn't show up

Sep 3, 2008 at 12:56 PM
I thought I had successfully implemented Google Maps as it all went through without error but I can't find it anywhere as it didn't appear in the web parts list.  See the instructions and output below.   Any idea what the problem is or what I've done wrong here?
$ STSADM.EXE -o addsolution -filename "C:\ESSON\MJB.Sharepoint.GoogleMaps.wsp"

Operation completed successfully.

$ stsadm -o deploysolution -name MJB.Sharepoint.GoogleMaps.wsp -immediate -allowgacdeployment -url http://lex2

The timer job for this operation has been created, but it will fail because the
administrative service for this server is not enabled.
If the timer job is scheduled to run at a later time, you can run the jobs all at once using
stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs.
To avoid this problem in the future, enable the Windows SharePoint Services
administrative service, or run your operation through the STSADM.exe
command line utility.

$ STSADM.exe -o execadmsvcjobs

Executing .
Executing job-watson-policyLEX2.
Executing solution-deployment-mjb.sharepoint.googlemaps.wsp-0.
Operation completed successfully.

$ iisreset

Attempting stop...
Internet services successfully stopped
Attempting start...
Internet services successfully restarted