You asked - I delivered

Dec 10, 2008 at 4:13 PM
You asked for a WSS version
I've given you a simplified version of the webpart for WSS.  All that comes for WSS is the webpart and you have to type the site url, list name and image urls in.  None of the features that add or create lists have been included in this wsp to save me some time.

You asked for a Rich HTML field to be added to the Google Maps bubble
I've added an extra field to the list definition and the webpart so that you can use SharePoint's Rich HTML control in a list and have it displayed on the webpage.
(Warning: I've tested the Rich HTML with an image, a link, a table, font sizes and different fonts.  I cannot guarantee that this will work with every single HTML control because of the way that the javascript is rendered.  I've tried to think of most cases that will break this but there's a chance I've missed a few things - let me know here if you have problems)

You asked for a simple way to add the required CSS - well you didn't ask for that but I didn't like you all editing the sharepoint default files
New feature called MapsWebPartCSS which puts a CSS file into the Style Library.  This style sheet contains some basic formatting and can be altered if you need a different layout.
Dec 12, 2008 at 12:56 PM

You are great !! So first, Thanks a lot for that !
I even don't dare to tell you I cannot succeed in displaying the map...with the new WSS webpart...
Everything went well for installation, then key configuration, and connection to a list.
But my webpart stays as white as snow, with only the rules and the different map options, but no map...
I think I'm just a desperate dummy...