uninstall directions? retractsolution caused missing feature errors

Mar 19, 2009 at 8:34 PM
So I tried to get this working on my intranet (non-public) site, but since the google API key registration requires a public uri, the google map won't display.  I'm sure in google's T&C it clearly states something along the lines of don't use this for corporations.  I think they've got their google maps for the enterprise product for my use scenario.  In any case, I'd like to cleanly uninstall this web part, but it seems to keep sticking around, and when using wssanalyzefeatures, it reports this parts are now 'feature errors'.

snip from featureproblems.txt:
Missing Feature: 88222ee7-fde8-49ee-805c-9841b015cd04, Error: Not Installed
Missing Feature: b2b04c33-22f3-426d-8204-70beabf678d7, Error: Not Installed
Missing Feature: b943a51f-829b-4fc8-a1e1-5e4b9ab724b5, Error: Not Installed
Missing Feature: c3ade689-7579-4783-9efb-544adce5918e, Error: Not Installed

snip from ContentDeploymentFeatures.txt (part of spcontentdeployment):

I went down the rabbit hole once with wssremovefeaturefrom after trying to retract the solution and remove the solution.  The combination ended up trashing my intranet causing me to go back to a today-1 restore point (DBs + server backups).

Let me know if you can write up a clean uninstall, or if I figure one out, I'll post it here.